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Shankho Bhattacharjee

Shankho Bhattacharjee

Shankho is a Marketing major in the Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University. He's involved with the Entrepreneurial community in East Lansing, as one of the co-founders of a sustainable streetwear startup. He is currently navigating the world of B2B Marketing and Sales as​ a Digital Marketing and Sales Intern for Naveego, Inc. in Traverse City, MI.

Naveego Expands Global Reach to Asia Pacific Market – Announces Strategic Partnership with Mondelio to Deliver Complete Data Accuracy Solution for Enterprise Customers

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Traverse City, MI & Sydney, AU  – June 11, 2019 – Naveego, an emerging leader of cloud-first distributed data accuracy solutions, today announced that the company has expanded its global reach to the Asia Pacific market with Mondelio becoming the first strategic partner in the region. The joint venture combines the power of the NaveegoTMComplete Data Accuracy Platform with Mondelio’s leading corporate performance management and advanced analytics software and services to enable true digital transformation for customers.

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Katie Horvath, CEO Naveego Inc. at the Michigan Space Forum- Entrepreneurial Women in Space Panel

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  An 8-year old girl was sitting in her classroom, when men in suits pulled her out of class for a photo opp in the school hallway. Our CEO Katie, back in her elementary school days, had achieved a perfect score on the Michigan state standardized achievement test and the then Superintendent of Schools wanted to congratulate her. When I first heard that, not only was I extremely excited to hear the amazing experience she must have had, but it changed into downright horror when I learned as to what the state of society was back then as she went forward with the story. "But it's a girl," said the politician, hinting straight to the patriarchy engraved in all fields of work and education at the time. Now, what would a young girl think of that comment? Is she taking up a seat in her math classes that would have benefitted a boy? Big Data CEO Katie Horvath and former Patent Litigation Attorney at Microsoft took the challenge head-on and excelled in numerous male-dominated fields. Graduating from the University of Michigan Engineering school at a time when only 1 in 4 women graduated with a STEM degree, she went forward to earn a law degree from Notre Dame and enter the field of patent law, even more male dominated than engineering. Combining her industrial engineering skills and Silicon Valley IP background, she now leads and scales tech companies and has been recognized on Capitol Hill as a business leader for her innovative business models. Despite the climb that came with being a woman in hi-tech, Horvath successfully navigated and paved a path that brought in change and helped establish inclusive workplaces. Through her experiences, Horvath has evolved to become a positive role model and she serves as a great example to future business leaders seeking to build inclusive work environments. Naveego Inc. supports women in STEM and our CEO's moderation of the Entrepreneurial Women in Space panel at the Michigan Space Forum led to uncovering some of the most eye-opening accounts of what women face day-to-day and the determination they need to reach positions of success.

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