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BI is Not Synonymous with Data Quality

When BI is Done Well

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have provided businesses and organizations unprecedented insight into their operations and into their customers. These metrics have given everyone from C-level executives to on-the-ground employees the insight required to run a more profitable company on an organizational scale.

But it’d be a mistake to assume or infer that BI is a flawless solution for the data-driven company. Afterall, BI is limited in its effectiveness in one crucial way - its usefulness is directly related to the accuracy of the data it displays. In fact, incorrect, incomplete, or missing data can reduce even the most powerful BI tool to a dashboard with lots of color, but very little value.


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Data Quality Should be a Priority

Addressing data quality is the challenge all businesses should be undertaking. In order to aid the need for accurate data, Naveego has made great strides in bringing awareness and solutions to the data quality issue. First, Naveego allows businesses to measure the quality of their data in order to track their efforts in solving data quality issues. It’s this visibility given to data quality, on a company-wide scale, that brings about the most positive change. After all, data quality is a process and it’s everyone’s responsibility to adopt data quality techniques.

Aside from awareness, Naveego’s data quality solution also provides users with direct feedback into their data. Our Data Quality Queue delivers automated issue tracking information directly to users and can even be prioritized by Rules to ensure that the most pressing issues are dealt with right away. Perhaps even more importantly, simple SQL queries can be used to generate automated alerts to notify users of data quality issues before they corrupt the dashboard’s effectiveness.

Data Quality Ensures Success

As BI solutions are adopted across more industries and by businesses in a variety of sizes, we encourage these organizations to adopt data quality solutions to ensure their invest in a BI tool is as successful as possible. By adopting our unique data quality solutions, companies will be able to incorporate their entire team into the process, vastly improving the overall quality of the data, and by extension, the value of the insights provided by the BI tool itself.



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