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Data Quality and the Bigger Picture of Your Data

In past blog posts, we’ve taken the time to define data quality. While the definition of data quality might seem like common knowledge, we think it’s important to distinguish data quality from other components of data management. But it’s also important to think of the bigger picture associated with data quality and its impact on your employees, your data, and your company as a whole. You know, get out of the weeds and think big thoughts. This when we like to introduce two important big picture themes associated with data quality: Trust and Context.

Data Quality Builds Trust

Modern businesses run on data. Employees across an organization rely on data to take action, to make decisions, and to offer services or products to clients at precisely the right time. Imagine, then, if the data that drives this business ecosystem isn’t accurate. Action is delayed, decisions are based on inaccurate conclusions, and the products and services being offered aren’t the ones your clients want.

Data quality solutions allow organizations, from the C-level downward, to trust that their actions and decisions are trustworthy and accurate. In an economy that rewards responsiveness and innovation, there’s simply no time for second-guessing. Data quality solutions are a huge part of building this speed-related competitive advantage.

Data Quality Provides Context

Data sets are stored across organizations in a plethora of ways - in the cloud and in on-premise databases and using every type of software under the sun. Further complicating things access to these data sets varies greatly throughout each department, not to mention within the company as a whole. In most companies, many people are looking at many different data sets scattered throughout the company and drawing very different conclusions about the profitability, productivity, and competitiveness of the organization as a result.

Our data quality solution allows all of this data, once almost completely inaccessible, to be viewed, analyzed, and its quality measured so that employees across the company can make decisions and draw conclusions using the same data - all the data, too. This is an incredible business advantage to any business operating in the data-related space; which, in today's age, means almost every business can benefit from such a data quality solution.

If you want to be able to trust your data and glean real insight to its meaning and potential, maybe it’s time to get in touch.