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Data Quality is Key to a Data Driven Company

Benefits of Adopting a Data Quality Process

When we discuss data quality, we often neglect to note that data quality is a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself. That aforementioned end is enabling an organization to make decisions based on and supported by clean, accurate, and insightful information. Simply having clean data isn’t valuable if the organization isn’t prepared to use the data to make decisions. To us, making those informed decisions is where the true value of having a data quality process and tool in place really starts to shine.

Real Data Trends, Accurate Correlations

When decision makers can trust and use their data, they have real insight to consumer trends, employees habits, business seasonality and so much more. It’s incredible to see how some of our clients use their data insights for - saving thousands by adjusting inventory orders based the seasonality on past sales during specific time periods, for example. The insights gained with data quality can save money just as much as they can help businesses grow. Having the ability to not only recognize these trends and insight, but also have inherent trust in their accuracy delivers a competitive advantage to businesses utilizing data quality and a data driven culture.

Answering the Questions You’ve Wanted Answered

Having accurate, clean data also allows leaders to have honest answers to their biggest questions. Most leaders have a clear idea of what they need to know to run their business more effectively, but have always lacked the ability to narrow down into data to get the answers and insight they’ve needed. Having a data quality process and tool allows these leaders to quantify the previously unquantifiable.

Data Quality the First Step to a Data Driven Business

How successful could your business be if you could use and trust your data? If you want to get started on your path to a data driven culture, be sure to download our free eBook documenting how to adopt a data quality process in just five steps. The results of utilizing accurate data could deliver an incredible competitive advantage for your business. Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Derek Smith

About Derek Smith

Derek is Co-founder and CTO of Naveego, Inc. His belief that leading-edge analytics should be in reach for everyone led to the development of the Naveego business intelligence platform. Naveego brings all of a business’ data together, visually and in real time, with an end-to-end solution that includes a built-in data warehouse, dashboards, analytics and reports.

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