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Finally - A Data Quality Solution That is as Simple as it is Effective

Effective. Unique. Revolutionary. Our data quality solution has been called a lot of things. But the description we enjoy most has been this one: simple. There are lots of data quality solutions out there that can get the job done, but they often require a level of investment and maintenance that reduce them to being less than cost-effective because they’re just too complicated. We knew we made our solution simple enough when even our marketing people can explain how it works. Here’s proof.

Our solution can be broken down to five parts, each playing a role in the overall success of the solution. More importantly, we can explain each of these parts in just a few sentences to make it clear how our solution works.

Connect Your Applications

Every organization has one problem in common when it comes to data quality, and that is that their data is scattered in a myriad of applications and databases. Naveego allows users to view and address their data in one place, saving time and resources.

Create Business Process Rules

No one knows your business processes better than you do. We empower Naveego users to define their business rules using SQL, a skill most organizations have readily available in-house. No need to re-train. Just write your rules and you’re off and running.

Create Quality Checks

In just a few minutes, users can set up Data Quality Checks that can check and verify processes, reports, or compliance at regular intervals. Gone are the days when an issue persists for months and wreaks havoc on your applications without you having the faintest idea until it’s too late. With our solution, you’re alerted as soon as they occur.

Prioritize and Resolve

Naveego puts all of your data quality issues in one place. And more than that, each issue can be assigned ownership to personnel who can most quickly and adequately address the issue based on a predetermined level priority. Deal with the biggest issues first before addressing the less-than-crucial issues that can wait.

Data Quality Dashboard

Accountability is crucial to having excellent, accurate, and trustworthy data. With our Data Quality Dashboard, users finally have a reliable way to receive an on-demand assessment of their data’s quality.

If you’re ready to start really trusting your data, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to see how we can help you leverage your data to help you run a more profitable organization.

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