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Naveego Launches Beta That Changes How Companies Manage Data Quality

data-quality-queue-naveego-slider-2.jpgNaveego, Inc. has launched its Data Quality Services (DQS) beta program.  The beta program will give companies access to a new and easy way to manage their data quality.

Naveego DQS is a new cloud based data quality tool that automates the majority of the data quality process, and its founders see the product not only as a great tool, but as a way to change how companies manage data quality altogether.

“The biggest problem with data quality today, is that many companies just don’t do it,” said Derek Smith, Co-Founder and Interim CEO at Naveego. “This is mostly due to the inaccessibility and complexity of existing tools, and we want to change that by making it easy and affordable for everyone that wants to gain insight into the quality of their data.”

While working with customers on data management projects, Smith found that most companies don’t have a data quality process at all.  What typically happens, is data issues are uncovered during the course of a project, fixed, and then forgotten.  Many times, these same issues resurface, and the business ends up repeating the one time manual fix.  Naveego DQS helps you track and monitor the uncovered issues, capturing your organizational learning, and will proactively notify those accountable when it occurs again in the future.

“The data in a database is always changing, and quite often, line-of-business applications aren’t equipped to prevent all quality issues,” Smith said. “This means data issues can easily reappear and wreak havoc on a business, most of the time going unnoticed until it is too late, and we are looking to end that cycle.”

Naveego is looking to its community for feedback on ways to enhance its DQS product.  The beta program is designed so end users can help drive the continuous innovation process.

Derek Smith

About Derek Smith

Derek is Co-founder and CTO of Naveego, Inc. His belief that leading-edge analytics should be in reach for everyone led to the development of the Naveego business intelligence platform. Naveego brings all of a business’ data together, visually and in real time, with an end-to-end solution that includes a built-in data warehouse, dashboards, analytics and reports.

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