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Naveego Proof of Value without a shadow of a doubt

In this day and age, with technology ever advancing, most corporate IT departments are constantly evaluating new products and services to accomplish common goals that we all share when it comes to information management, data quality, and master data management (MDM).

We look to

  • solve specific problems;
  • maximize information efficiency;
  • save money for the company.

Naveego is a cloud-first data accuracy management platform that identifies and continually monitors data problems at the source systems before that bad data creates inaccuracies in reports, dashboards, or other decision-making tools. In addition, our Master Data Management solution compares data in all systems and delivers one version of the truth by ensuring that changes to data in one system are reflected in all other systems that contain that same data. 


Unlike our competitors, Naveego offers a low-cost, user-friendly solution that alerts and prompts end users to fix data problems on the front end and quickly shows value without the capital investment and specialized skill set required by the traditional enterprise MDM companies. Anyone with a SQL skill set can easily write the data rules associated with the data quality portion of the platform.


If your desire is to start small rather than to take on multiple systems in one bite, Naveego offers a “Proof of Value” Accelerator package that will quickly show value and allow you to see the platform in action prior to making a commitment to an annual subscription plan. Our annual plans are based on the number of source systems you choose to monitor and allow for an unlimited number of users. 


The “Proof of Value” Accelerator is a 30-day paid proof of concept that allows you to test the Naveego platform on a small sampling of your source systems, assess the health of your data, and assign the relevant data fixes required. Any data exception rules we write during the Accelerator period can be used on your source systems should you decide to sign up for an annual subscription. As far as cost, a typical “Proof of Value” Accelerator engagement is $10,000 for the 30-day period and will be credited toward the annual subscription price should you decide to continue on with Naveego.


We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you on this project. For you to be able to take advantage of the Accelerator option simply requires that we schedule some time for you with our CTO, Derek Smith, to discuss the scope of work and your preferred timeline. Please feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions, and thanks again for considering Naveego.



  • 800 percent ROI, based on a recent study by IBM
  • Built cloud-first, with cutting-edge technology and the capability to work with the legacy data
  • Agnostic to cloud, applications, DB, etc., so that customers should never get locked into any single vendor
  • Ease of use, with English-like instructions masking highly intelligent software from end users, so that customers can rapidly realize the benefits
  • No change in firewall, so that customers needn’t open tunnels that might create security vulnerabilities
  • No VPN required, so that customers can utilize our products without disrupting security policies
  • Cost-effective solution versus competitors’ very complex and expensive offerings, which can take weeks, months, or years to realize value


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