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Need Your Business Data in One Place? Meet Naveego SYNC

Data’s ubiquitous nature in modern business has only increased in volume over the last five years. Coupled with the emergence of Cloud storage, this means companies are dealing with not only exponentially more date, but also with the fact it’s being stored in an increasing number of places. Across a company, data is captured, accumulated, and stored across innumerable applications, databases, and repositories. How, then, do data professionals generate the required metrics for higher ups to make informed businesses decisions if the company’s data is scattered across a number of silos?

Naveego SYNC

If your company is facing a similar challenge to the scenario described above, then you’re far from alone. We saw this situation coming and moved quickly to come up with a solution that would bring a company’s data from far-reaching silos from across the company into a single location to be utilized quickly and efficiently. This solution, which we call Naveego SYNC, allows users to connect data sources within minutes, saving time and increasing the amount of data that can be utilized to help the business.

Cloud v. On-Premise Data Sources

No matter the source, Naveego SYNC can pull data from Cloud and on-premise applications or databases with equally amounts of ease. From Sage to MySQL to ODBC, connecting a data source takes minutes can be completed by just about anyone. SYNC makes it not only possible, but easy for data professionals to provide a clear, detailed picture of the business’ metrics based on an expansive amount of data.

5 Steps to Building an Agile Data Quality Process

To find out more about Naveego SYNC, get in touch or check out a demo of Naveego’s data quality solution to see how we might be able to help you and your team run a more profitable, data-driven business.


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