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Our Four Steps to Data Quality Confidence

A Hollistic Approach to Data Quality

For all the algorithms and tech jargon associated with the intricate details of a data quality solution, the process itself is a relatively straightforward endeavour. In fact, the more simple the DQ solution is, the more accessible it is for users and the less time-consuming it is to use. Simplicity, ease of use, and time-management were all critical components for us when designing our data quality solution, Naveego DQS. We believe our solution’s four-step approach to addressing data quality is second-to-none within the industry. In fact, we don’t know of a solution that addresses the crucial aspects of data quality like Naveego DQS does. To help give you an idea of how our solution works, here’s an overview of how our solution works.

Connect with Your Data

In today’s world, your data is scattered everywhere. From on-premise storage solutions to cloud-based repositories, one of the biggest challenges organizations face is getting their data in one place where they can make meaningful insights and assessments. We developed a proprietary solution called Naveego Sync to achieve exactly that. Naveego Sync allows users to pull data from databases as diverse as Sage, SQL Server, MariaDB and plenty more. It’s the one solution on the market that brings data from everywhere to give users a clear picture of their data. We’re confident in saying there’s simply nothing else like it.


5 Steps to Building an Agile Data Quality Process

Verify Your Data

While having all of your data in one actionable dashboard is helpful, users should always question the accuracy of their data if it they’re not currently utilizing a data quality solution. Naveego DQS helps users spot problem data by segmenting it into a Data Quality Queue. This queue allows users to assess problem data on their own timeline by automatically tracking and storing invalid data points as predefined by the user. In short, your problem data is always visible and actionable, saving you and your team both time and resources.

Trustworthy Data Alignment

Why make a human do what a simple algorithm can do better and faster? Naveego DQS utilizes an intelligent data matching solution to detect related data from multiple systems and combines it into a single dataset. Worrying about duplicate data, and the tedious work of trying to spot and address it, is now a thing of the past. Additionally, Naveego DQS allows users to discern which data points should go to which respective internal system - import data from your databases and it’ll get to the system it should go to, whether it’s your CRM, ERP, accounting system, or any other business-critical component. The streamlined process saves users time and ensures your data quality solution can have a positive impact across your entire organization.


How to Stop Bad Data From Ruining Your Reports

Visualize and Take Action

We believe that the UI of analytics dashboards are like jokes; if you have to explain it, it’s clearly not very good. That’s why we use a clean, intuitive layout so that you can make assessments based on a wide array of metrics in seconds, not hours. More importantly, you know that your assessment will be accurate and trustworthy. Insights from these dashboards can help you find ways to cut costs, identify and rectify lost productivity, discover new revenue opportunities and much more - it really comes down to you and your vision for your business.

Now that you’re familiar with our process and solutions, check out why putting off addressing your data quality consultation is costing you and your business money. Questions? Comments? Get in touch or scheduled your personalized demo today.

Verify your data quality and accuracy with Naveego DQS

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