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Naveego's Partner Success Program: Revolutionizing Partnerships in the Data Quality Space

Naveego Launches Partner Success Program

Chances are, you’ve seen the buzz being created by the launch our our Partner Success Program. It’s safe to say that we’re pretty excited about it too. But we wanted to take a moment to go over why our program is different than most other data quality solutions in our approach to our relationships with our partnerships. Our product, support, and approach to setting up our partners for continued success separates us from the rest of the data quality industry in a multitude of ways.

Our Data Quality Solution

First, our solution is revolutionary in the data quality industry. Our solution has the ability to detect, manage, and empower employees to address data quality issues to a degree, and with a level of automation, that simply no other offering on the market can match. This degree of effectiveness and functionality allows users to address DQ issues on enterprise hybrid cloud systems in ways never previously envisioned.

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How Our Partner Success Program is Different

Our Partner Success Program is more than a pat on the back and a wish of good luck to our partner. We offer a complete support package for partners; from sales personnel, technical training and expertise, to robust marketing and promotional support unlike anything else offered in the industry. With a top-tier data quality solution and a high-degree of invested support, we believe we’re setting our partners up for success and creating long-term partnerships for years to come.

Indeed, from the very start of a new project, partners have the advantage of working with Naveego. Our data quality solution offers partners the ability to make faster, more accurate assessment of a new client’s data quality situation. This enables partners utilizing Naveego’s DQ solutions to make a bigger impact in a shorter amount of time, with a larger list of deliverables for clients.

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