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Safety Net, A Leading MSP Leverages Naveego for Data Quality and Sisense for Analytics Disrupting the BI Market by Simplifying Business Analytics for Complex Data

Traverse City, MI, and New York – October 30, 2018 - Naveego, an emerging leader of cloud-based Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, today announced that the company will provide a data quality and analytics solution for Safety Net with Sisense, disrupting the BI market by simplifying business analytics for complex data. Safety Net, a leading managed service provider (MSP), selected Naveego and Sisense over legacy alternatives based on cost effectiveness, ease of use, and speed of deployment.


Safety Net is a metrics-driven organization with numerous key metrics in place that are regularly monitored and used. Nearly all its staff needs to be able to easily consume data around critical business metrics. Ease of use was an important factor in selecting a data analytics and data quality solution as the company does not have data analysts, programmers, or DBA’s on staff.  Safety Net needed a solution that could provide a fast time to value and both Naveego and Sisense filled this requirement. 


“We need to know that data is clean when we provide our end customers with monthly summary reports that pull data from multiple sources,” said Kevin Bozung, CEO, Safety Net. “The processing of these reports had become very burdensome. Our data quality problems are typically self-inflicted; somebody on our staff would input a reportable device and not follow data field standards, or they would decommission something and fail to update documentation. Naveego’s Data Quality solution will help identify and clean data that was entered incorrectly, eventually feeding the improved data to an easy-to-use Sisense analytics engine.”


Safety Net selected Naveego’s Complete Data Accuracy Platform to cleanse all of it’s data across multiple data repositories to ensure 100% data quality. By connecting all sources of data into a single view, Safety Net can proactively achieve global data health, in one place.


“The combination of Naveego and Sisense provides Safety Net with an intuitive, robust BI solution,” said Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego. “Sisense’s business platform offers great insights. By using Naveego to provide clean data for the Sisense analytics, Safety Net can trust that the reports are accurate so Safety Net can make the best decisions in record time.”


“We are proud to be working with Safety Net to help it deliver powerful insights on computer usage,” said Saar Bitner, Chief Marketing Officer of Sisense. “Sisense adds value across a global client base of thousands of companies in dozens of different industries.We are glad to have a chance to expand our footprint in the managed IT services space with Naveego and Safety Net.”


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About Sisense

Sisense takes a radically different approach to business analytics. The company’s obsessive commitment to consistent product innovation and customer success enable organizations to instantly reveal insights from complex data. It’s BI for everyone, everywhere regardless of technical expertise. Sisense’s agility allows business users with no technical background to get the accurate intelligence at the very moment it is needed without waiting hours, days or even weeks for answers. Sisense provides a complete business platform to prepare, analyze and visualize large, volumes and variety of data. Its unique In-Chip® and Single Stack® technologies simplify every step of the BI process – from data preparation to discovery of insights. From innovative startups to global brands like GE, Wix, Nasdaq and Philips, thousands of organizations worldwide embed Sisense in their everyday business to reveal instant insights.


About Naveego

Naveego is an emerging leader of cloud-first Data Quality and Master Data Management solutions that enable organizations to ensure their data is accurate, consistent and reliable for driving critical business value. As a trusted provider of data quality and master data management technology since 2012, Naveego sets itself apart with a unique business process and rules-centric approach that analyzes and monitors enterprise data, even while in production. Using four simple steps of Connect, Trust, Optimize and Sync, Naveego’s platform provides a simple, cost-effective solution for managing the ongoing data quality process and integrating all of an organization’s data sets within minutes – not days, weeks or months. Using Naveego, organizations are remastering their business data for a new competitive advantage. For more information, call +1 231-346-4144, visit http://www.naveego.com or connect with Naveego on LinkedIn and Twitter


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Katie is a former IP attorney at Microsoft, and leverages her Silicon Valley background and industrial engineering skills, for start-up scaling and growth. She has been recognized at U.S. Congress as a business leader for innovative business models.

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