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Three Reasons to Get a Data Quality Consultation Today

If we were to guess, your Outlook calendar is likely already full for the foreseeable future. As an individual in a strategically important role, your time is taken up managing people or processes, and it many cases, both. But putting off addressing your data quality issues is detrimental to your business, and it’s high-time to block off some time in your schedule in order to find out exactly what your poor data is doing to your people, your processes, and your bottom line.

Here are three reasons to schedule a data quality consultation today.

Bad Data is Costing You Money

Addressing your data quality issues is very similar to giving your company a boost of capital. Once addressed, poor quality saves your employees time by eliminating the bad-data hunting, the fixing of poor data, and the implementation across databases. Executives also have the ability to make more informed decisions, because they’re using clean, accurate, and up to date information to base their decision upon. We’ve dedicated an entire blog post on this subject, but a recent study by IBM estimates that poor data quality costs U.S. business $3.1 trillion in 2016 alone.

We’re Going to Talk About Your Specific Business

As data experts, we know that no two companies are the same. Companies use different metrics to define their unique successes and failures, so it’s important that a data quality solution can be adapted to help ensure the metrics that make the determination between success and failure are trustworthy. Our one-on-one demos are unique to each client - we can speak directly to the metrics that matter to you and your business, and tell you exactly how we can deliver metrics that are as clean as they are well-defined by your requirements.

5 Steps to Building an Agile Data Quality Process

We’re Likely Your Most Cost-Effective Solution

If you’re waiting to train current staff to become data quality experts, or hope to hire a data quality professional, you could be in for a long training period or an expensive hire. Recent studies have shown the skills gap that exists within the data quality industry is causing many companies to outsource their data quality initiatives to third-parties. The result? Success. More than half of executives said a third-party data quality solution had better results that what could have been achieved had the company tried to address the issue internally.


We’re ready to help your business run more efficiently, more profitably, and maintain a competitive advantage over your competition. Simply contact us and we’ll contact you to get your free consultation scheduled.