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What Does a Good Data Quality Solution Do?

What to Look for in a Data Quality Solution

You can find a myriad of articles and studies that speak of the benefits of using clean data to run an organization. It’s very easy to make the connection between cleaner data and more informed business decisions. But rarely do these study ever really bring to light just how a data quality solution impacts a business beyond cleaner data. So, what does a reputable data quality solution do for a business and its data? Let’s find out.

Brings Data Together - Fast

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is the siloing of data between departments, applications, not to mention on-premise and cloud-based databases. In the past, bringing this data from diverse sources into a meaningful picture could take days.

A data quality solution not only brings these data sources together, but can even spot duplicate data to reduce the need for users to manually search for an address duplicate issues with a high degree of automation.


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Addresses Bad Data

Obviously, dealing with poor or suspect data quality is the primary purpose for a data quality solution. Based on rules determined by the user, a solution like Naveego will identify the non-conforming data, track its impact on your data, and even add it to your Data Quality Queue so that your team can address the issue quickly and decisively - before it negatively affects your data, your business processes, and your bottom line.

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Keep Your Data Safe

At Naveego, we believe data is one of the most important assets in any organization. As such, protecting your data assets should be the highest priority of a reputable data quality solution. To know your data is safe, make sure you solution takes your security seriously. For an example, our servers are hosted in an industry-leading data center. We utilize encryption and redundancy to ensure data is protected in any circumstance.

Want to see what a top of the line data quality solution can do for you? Take ours for a spin. Start your free trial to start trusting your data and running a more profitable business today.


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