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What's in the Newest Data Quality Update from Naveego?

New Data Quality Features Released

You’ve probably heard the buzz generated from our latest data quality release, which we were so excited to push to clients last month. But maybe you haven’t seen much detail of what changes came to Naveego’s data quality solution - that’s ok! Here’s a quick look at what our current and prospective clients have to look forward to from the leading data quality solution in the world’s latest improvements. As always, get in touch to get a personalized demonstration of the solution to see how it would fit your unique organization. Here’s a quick look at the features from the latest release!

Your Data, Consolidated

Our latest release helps you see your data in one place, no matter where it resides. Combine insights from the cloud and on-premise data repositories to finally get a complete look at your data, key metrics, and more. With Naveego, the days of data silos are over.

Data Health Checks

So, how clean is your data? Naveego now offers a quick and accurate depiction of the current health of your data, application, or internal business process. Manual data verification is tedious, time-consuming, and leaves lots of room for error. These health checks give users clear, actionable insight to the current status of your data so you can be confident the decisions and insights you make are as accurate as possible.

Use SQL Everywhere

You and your team know SQL. So, wouldn’t it be advantageous to use that expertise across all data sets? You know it would be, and so did we when we built the latest release. Users can now connect business applications quickly and validate each one using SQL. One process, one learning curve, and a lot fewer headaches.

And So Much More

We don’t have enough space to list all of the features in the newest release, so be sure to get in touch to see the additional features that make Naveego the leading data quality and data management solution on the market today.

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