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Who Would Benefit from a Data Quality Solution?

Who is a Data Quality Solution For?

On our blog, we often discuss the benefits of using a data quality solution to help businesses use better data to make smarter decisions to run their businesses. We use this example because it paints the clearest picture of the benefits of utilizing a data quality solution. But if we’re leading readers to believe that you have to be at the C-level in order to get the most out of our data quality solution, we’re very much leading you astray. The fact is that so many different roles within business could find immediate and profound positives from a data quality solution.

A DQS Helps Manage People

You can reduce just about everyone’s role at a company to managing one of two things: an employee either manages people or processes. In either case, data is involved. If an employee manages people, they need to be able to quantify their employees’ productivity, their hours worked, schedule, costs, tasks, deadlines, etc. All of this data will likely be stored in multiple databases; some in the cloud, some in on-premises databases, and all of it will need to be integrated into one location to help managers ensure employees are being productive, accomplishing tasks, and ensuring the overall profitability of the company. Naveego can make sure all of this data is accurate, and automatically bring suspect data to the immediate attention of managers to ensure department heads have an accurate depiction of the company as a whole.

A DQS Helps Manage Processes

If you don’t manage people, you probably manage a process within an organization. From accounting to IT, all the way to actual money-making part of your business (transportation, manufacturing, etc.) you will inevitably have data quantifying profit, costs, customer information, purchase orders, and an infinite combination of additional possibilities. When it comes to processes, the data being produced is likely touched by a wide array of individuals from both inside and outside of the company. This usually means data is inherently different, as it’s entered differently by different entities, and its accuracy, timeliness, and validity suffers greatly. A data quality solution can help you be proactive about ensuring the data being stored, analyzed and acted upon is as clean as possible within multiple departments. A business with clean data is a more profitable, more efficient company.

Want more detail on who a DQS could help? Check this out. If you want to arrange for a one-on-one demo to see how Naveego could help your unique business, go ahead and get in touch.

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