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Why Master Data Management is Crucial to Data Quality Efforts

Data quality’s potential to make organizations more efficient, more profitable, and help data managers and C-level executives alike make better decisions is well know. From the oil and gas industry, to the financial sector, to healthcare, organizations are looking to data to build on data-driven models of operation and execution.

But one critical step in adopting a data quality process and solution mustn’t be skipped: having a Master Data Management solution in place.

MDM’s Role in Data Quality

In order to realize the enormous benefits of healthy data, MDM does a few things that enable a DQS (data quality solution) to provide maximum effectiveness and ROI.

First, a MDM solution connects all of your data from multiple sources and puts it in one place. For many organizations, this is the most positive and powerful role an MDM solution can play; for the first time, they’ll be able to access and analyze data from multiple on-premise and Cloud databases and applications in one single access point.

Our MDM solution goes a step further and detects similar data that is found in different data sets and combines these two points into one master set - without the duplication. This saves immense amounts of time and tedious data verification for data teams.

Equally important in the process is the ability to see your data sets in a way that’s most meaningful to you. Our dashboards are easily customizable to show you a clear and clean representation of any data sets you wish to analyze.

Data Quality’s Value with MDM

So, how exactly does MDM enable data quality efficiencies? Simply put, without the ability to draw upon data within different repositories, data quality processes would have to be used, separately and individually, with each data set. While each data set’s quality would be ensured, it’d be impossible to make meaningful assessments of your data as a whole. In essence, it’s the proficiency of the master data management solution that enables the data quality solution to be successful.

If you’re considering a data quality solution, we strongly encourage you to get a consultation on your current data management solution first to ensure you’ll get the most out of your data quality initiatives.

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