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Why Our Data Quality Solution is Unlike Anything Else on the Market

No Secrets to Data Quality Our Success

Our data quality solution is certainly unique, and for this reason, it’s gaining a lot of attention on tech-related websites and blogs. But just because it’s unique doesn’t mean our formula is a secret. We’re happy to help people start their own data quality processes and we make no secret about how we’ve designed our DQ solution, why we designed it that way, and how it facilitates more meaningful access to databases.

Here’s a look at our process and how these steps differ from most other solutions on the market. Even without getting into the nuts and bolts of the platform, we can still explain why this process delivers values to users.

Step 1: Connect Your Applications - All of Your Applications

To make smart decisions, you need a complete picture of your organization. Our solution enables users to draw upon data from multiple databases, including both on-premise and cloud-based databases, and puts this data in one, accessible place.

Step 2: Write Your Own Data Quality Rules

When it comes to data, there is simply no cookie-cutter solution. That’s why we empowered users to write Business Rules that put them in charge of their own data. Users have the ability to categorize, classify, and determine the value of individual data sets to help them prioritize issues in such a way that makes sense to their unique data and business.

Step 3: Build Data Quality Checks to Really Know Your Data

Define parameters for your data and data processes that make the most sense to you and your team. And the best part? Naveego manages the data that falls outside of your pre-determined and organizes it for you in a Data Quality Queue. This degree of automation saves enormous amounts of time, energy, and resources.

Step 4: All of Your Problem Data in One Spot

With all of the problem data organized in your Data Quality Queue, you can quickly take action on high-priority issues and come back to the less pressing items when you have time. There’s no searching for problems or scrambling to address them when they arise unexpectedly. This proactive approach is loved and appreciated by users in every vertical.

Step 5: Immediate Data Insight, Available at a Glance

Our dashboard enables decision makers within the organization - not just the data analysts - to make quick decisions based on data they can be confident in. From reports to processes to entire business systems, Naveego’s DQ solution empowers entire organizations to use data to do their jobs more effectively and work more intelligently.

In summary, the “one-size-fits-all” approach to data quality has never been successful. We hope this unique, self-customizing approach delivers more value to more users than any solution that’s come before it. Here’s to your happy data!

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Derek Smith

About Derek Smith

Derek is Co-founder and CTO of Naveego, Inc. His belief that leading-edge analytics should be in reach for everyone led to the development of the Naveego business intelligence platform. Naveego brings all of a business’ data together, visually and in real time, with an end-to-end solution that includes a built-in data warehouse, dashboards, analytics and reports.

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